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Article provided by: Tap Roots Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Water Heater Repair Burnaby

Water Heater Repair Burnaby

The water heater in your Burnaby home works tirelessly every day producing warm or hot for your laundry, dishes, and showers. After some time, the water heater can develop a fault and become unable to serve you efficiently. Once you notice that your water heater is completely damaged or working below par, call on an expert that offers water heater repair in Burnaby to fix the fault. Always turn to Tap-Roots Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for your water heater repair needs.

At Tap-Roots Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we specialize in providing water heater services including repairs, installation, replacement, maintenance, and service. Whether your water heater is experiencing a minor and major fault, we can repair it effectively. Within a short time, your water heater will start working efficiently again.

Our services are affordable, detailed, and highly professional. Our experts possess the required knowledge to repair all kinds of water heaters, regardless of the brand or model. Our ability to provide prompt and excellent repair services makes us the most reliable company that offers water heater repair in Burnaby and the entire British Columbia area.

Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance or Repairs

For your water heater to function optimally, all year round, it is important to carry out adequate maintenance from time to time. In fact, this will help extend the lifespan of the water heater. Some of the signs that your water heater needs maintenance or repairs include:

Water Discoloration: Once you notice that the water coming out of your heater looks murky or discolored, you need to call an expert to check out the issue. The water discoloration can be caused as a result of sediment build-up on the walls of the water heater’s tank. It can also be caused by corrosion or rust. Thus, causing your water to release an unpleasant smell.

High Operating Costs: Your heating cost usually vary depending on how often you use your water heater. However, if your water heater takes more time to heat a certain amount of water than usual, this can increase your heating cost. If you notice a sharp increase in your energy bills, call an expert to check out the water heater immediately.

Dribbling TPR Valve: Water heaters come with Temperature and Pressure Relief (TPR) valve. This TPR valve is a safety component which automatically relieves excess pressure in the tank when water temperature becomes high. Mineral deposits in the tank can cause a dribbling TPR valve. If the valve dribbles continuously, call on an expert to correct it.

Others: Other water issues include water taking too long to get really hot, or water not really getting hot anymore. Once you notice any of these, call on an expert to repair the water heater immediately.

Turn To Us for Your Water Heater Repair in Burnaby

Once you notice that your water heater is faulty or operating below-par, do not hesitate to call on our experts at Tap-Roots Plumbing & Heating Ltd. We will provide a fast, effective, and lasting solution to the problem. We guarantee you excellent services. With us, any water heater issue in your Burnaby home will be a thing of history.

Water Heater Repair Burnaby
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Water Heater Repair Burnaby