Crown Summit Hot Tub

Crown Summit

7 Person Hot Tub

65 Jets

Crown Epic Hot Tub

Crown Epic

6 Person Hot Tub

53 Jets

Crown Euphoria Hot Tub

Crown Euphoria

7 Person Hot Tub

53 Jets

Crown Destiny Hot Tub

Crown Destiny

7 Person Hot Tub

41 Jets

Crown Resort Hot Tub

Crown Resort

5 Person Hot Tub

50 Jets

Crown Wish Hot Tub

Crown Wish

5 Person Hot Tub

29 or 30 Jets

Crown Spirit Hot Tub

Crown Spirit

4 Person Hot Tub

32 Jets

Crown Series Hot Tub Features

Woman in hot tub

Hydro massage seats, Hydrotherapy, H.O.T. Zones

The Crown Collection combines advanced therapy features with luxury to create the most flexible hydromassage system out there. An array of Regal Hydrokinetic™ jets combine to form Specialized Massage Seats, each one offering unique therapeutic benefits. Relax with a Deep-Tissue Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Relaxation Massage, or a Swedish Massage for an out-of-this-world experience.

High Output Therapy Zones ™ (H.O.T. Zones ™) deliver deeper, more targeted therapy. These jets are red and easy to identify and control. Marquis® hot tubs offer “high-flow, no string” therapy, where these H.O.T. zones penetrate deep into the muscle without irritating the skin.

Hot tub jets


Get the most efficient water management system on the market with ConstantClean+. Cleaning more water in half the time (51 times a day in 2.5 hours), the Crown Collection’s ConstantClean+ system is simple yet sophisticated. It features high-flow Vortex™ filtration with the added power of automated in-line sanitation and ozonation. It ensures convenient maintenance by consistently removing debris from top-to-bottom. The high-quality filters feature increased surface area for more efficiency, and an antimicrobial coating for additional protection.
Woman in hot tub


Don’t just improve your quality of life, improve your skin health too! Optional on every Crown Model, the MicroSilk® oxygen skin therapy and beauty treatment can help soothe and heal your body. Microsilk’s water oxygen levels are up to 70% higher than tap water, transporting dissolved oxygen into the skin. This promotes blood circulation, hydration, and exfoliation. It’s like an oxygen facial for your body and has been known to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and may provide relief from symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Get glowing, radiant, healthy skin with no surgery and no recovery time.