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Gas fireplace installation long island

Gas fireplace installation long island

Many homeowners love "do it yourself" project, but fireplace installation is one project you shouldn't try to do yourself. Installing a gas fireplace isn't for the inexperienced and not a do-it-yourself project, but rather a job strictly for professionals. Here are reasons why you should hire a professional for a gas fireplace installation. 

  1. Professional installation ensures safety and efficiency

It is essential to consult a licensed and certified professional for gas fireplace installation to avoid issues that can pose a risk to your household member and damage your home. Experienced professionals who handle fireplace installation know the risk involved during installation and can help you install your fireplace safely and efficiently.

  1. Professional will follow all building codes

There lots of building codes to follow when installing fireplaces. The chimney liners and fireboxes need proper clearance of surrounding wall supports to prevent fire risks. Having a certified and professional fireplace installer means that your fireplace will be installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations and building codes so that your fires will burn safely. 

  1. Professional will put all the required infrastructure is in place

Additional infrastructure goes into the installation of your fireplaces. A gas fireplace needs a proper run of gas line. Electric fireplaces, wood-burning, pellet, and even stoves require electrical hookups to power pilot lights, blowers, fans, and augers. When you hire a professional fireplace installer, they will ensure you have your electric and gas fireplace appropriately installed.

  1. Professional saves you time

You would agree with the fact that the task of fireplace installation is a time-consuming one. Today, time equals money. Therefore, outsourcing the fireplace installation process saves you time to invest your precious time in other productive things. 

  1. You can hold them accountable

You can call the fireplace installer and claim compensation if anything happens to your unit after installing. Professionals are accountable for any consequences that are brought onto your fireplace. On the other hand, if you had handled the installation process and something had happened wrong to your fireplace, there would have been no one to blame.

Call the Professionals at Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace

If you want to install a gas fireplace, your best option is to call the professionals at Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace gas fireplace installation long island. We can help you select the best gas fireplace for your home and design your home. Our professional can install a fireplace in newly built homes as well as existing homes. We install heating stoves, and fireplace inserts, wood-burning, gas, as well as pellet fireplaces, 

Whatever your fireplace installation needs may be, you can be sure that the professionals from Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace can help you. Contact us today at (631) 242-2733 for the vest fireplace services in Long Island, NY. If you're ready to get your dream fireplace, and you haven't get in touch with us yet, there's still time to do so! When we get started, you can have your fireplace in proper and safe working order.

Gas fireplace installation long island
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Gas fireplace installation long island