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Office printer lease

Office printer lease

Increased productivity, completing workloads on time, and energy efficiency are just some of the benefits of using the right printer for your business. If you’re thinking of what is the better option between leasing vs. buying office printer, STAT Business Systems is here for you. We’ll advise you on which choice is best, depending on what you require. Our office printer lease program caters to various business needs and budgets. We have been matching clients with appropriate office machines for more than three decades, so you can trust that we are experts in this field.

Which Printers Can You Get from Us?

We have a variety of printers with different features in our collection to ensure that we can be of service to both big and small businesses across different industries.

You can get lease office printer quotes from us for the following types of machines:

  • Multifunctional Printers

Multifunctional printers are able to scan and copy documents. You can get printers with 35ppm, or others with a speed of up to 80ppm. These are modern equipment that support wireless printing and scanning and allow you to complete tasks through your smartphone or tablet.

Multifunctional printers come in black-and-white and color options. They also have a large sheet paper capacity that allows you to complete a huge workload at one go.

A multifunctional printer saves you office space, as it provides a 3-in-1 service for functions that would have required different machines. Their large volume and high memory capacity enable you to work faster. Depending on the size of your company, several workers can use one printer adequately, eliminating the need for multiple machines.

  • Wide Format Printers

If you work with paper with a size range of between 2 inches to 15 inches, you may find yourself needing a wide format printer. These come with the ability to copy, print, and scan files.

Talk to us today about a wide format printer if your business prints construction plans, banners, wallpapers, or murals. Our technicians will answer your questions concerning how do printer leases work to help you decide whether to buy, rent, or lease one from us.

Our Prompt Services

Whether you settle for our printer rental services or choose to purchase one, our team will ensure that your machine gets delivered as quickly as possible. Rest assured that our products and serves are priced fairly to give you value for your money. We provide the same quality products and services for both small and large businesses, as all our customers are equally important.

If you’re debating on the question of ‘is it better to lease or buy a printer,' we can help you find what works for you. Sometimes, buying one is the best move, while leasing can come in handy at other times. Whatever you need, we have offers for both.

Convenient Printer Leasing Services

STAT Business Systems offers top office printer lease services in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade. Give us a call today on 1-800-407-7828 to talk to a pro who can answer any questions you have.

Office printer lease
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Office printer lease