Swim Spas

A diverse range of six swim spa models awaits, catering to various preferences and fitness goals. Among them, the hybrid V150 Swim Spa & Party Vessel and V150W Swim and Workout Vessel stand out. For intense training, the ATV-14 Sport (14-foot) and ATV-17 Sport (17-foot) training vessels feature three 160 GPM / 606 LPM dual-speed pumps and three pairs of turbo jets, offering a wide range of water flow options. Taking it up a notch, the ATV-17 Kona boasts two 360 GPM / 1,363 LPM dual-speed pumps, one 160 GPM / 606 LMP dual-speed pump, three pairs of WhiteWater-4™ jets, and two Buoyancy jets, providing unparalleled challenge and adaptability for swimmers of all levels. For a more relaxed experience, the ATV-14 Splash, powered by a single 160 GPM / 606 LPM dual-speed pump, offers smooth flow ideal for milder fitness and recreation. Whatever your fitness preferences, Aquatic Training Vessels™ offer the perfect solution, whether you seek rigorous workouts or a more leisurely pace.

  • V150P SWIM SPA

    The Vector21 Series V150P is a huge party spa combining the features of a hot tub and swim spa in one space-age vessel. This unique hybrid design features eight massage seats with world-class hydrotherapy, as well as two explosive Whitewater-4 jets in the foot well for powerful leg and foot massage. Equipped with three additional Whitewater-4 jets at the swim end, you will enjoy aquatic fitness with the fully-adjustable flow control. Add a single tether or optional rowing kit for even more workout variations. Gather your friends and family and get your party on!

  • V150W SWIM SPA

    The V150W Swim and Workout Vessel has all the attributes of the V150P, with a focus on providing ample space to cycle, jog, row, swim, workout or just play around. It’s the personal aquatic multi-use gym you’ve always wanted, perfect for any age and fitness level. V150W features four Whitewater-4™ jets in the swim end and 21 Jetpods in the therapy end—including two footwell Jetpods for soothing foot and leg massage. Four massage seats deliver enormous therapy benefits, with plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy.

  • V174S SWIM SPA

    The V174S, measuring 14.5 feet in length and 56 inches in height with a water depth of 48 inches, features 27 jet pods for an invigorating workout experience. Picture yourself swimming or jogging in place against the force of two, four, or six powerful Whitewater-4™ swim jets. Experience pure exhilaration coupled with significant health benefits, allowing you to customize your ideal exercise routine every day.


    The V174K Kona swim spa, featuring the exclusive Whitewater-4 Plus jets. These advanced jets, available only in our top-tier Kona model, utilize a special entrainment port to significantly enhance the efficiency of each swim jet. Experience an increase in flow from 100 gpm (379 lpm) to 125 gpm (473 lpm), with a combined total of up to 750 gpm (3785 lpm) from the six swim jets. This unique feature is yet another testament to Marquis' dedication to elegance and innovation.

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